Biodegradable vs. Plastic Starters

Last year, we used biodegradable seed starters in hopes of cutting back on plastic use. I was hopeful this would be a successful experiment to implement in my endeavor towards a no-waste lifestyle.

Biodegradable/compostable seed starters.

Sadly, the attempt did not go as I had anticipated.

  1. The starter cups soaked up most of the water for the seeds, which caused the need to water them 3 or more times each day.
  2. Even worse, the starters began to mold well before our seeds began to sprout.

Most of what we were hoping to plant didn’t make it past the starters. Some never even sprouted.

You may ask if it was the seeds we were using?

I think it had nothing to do with the seeds. We were using leftover seeds from the previous spring/summer garden. When we originally planted them, in plastic starters, they had no trouble sprouting. Actually, they were sprouting and growing faster than we had anticipated- so we had to hurry and finish getting the garden ready to plant.

On a brighter note, I found that they make reusable plastic starters. I’m inclined to give them a try this year as I keep looking for ways to be less wasteful.

All in all, this was definitely a learning experience. To each their own when making decisions for your garden, but I’m not personally a fan of the biodegradable starters.

Stay tuned for more garden tips as we move into our 2022 spring/summer garden.
As always, happy planting from our garden to yours!

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