Garden 2021: Spring

Spring is here, spring is here! My favorite time of the year! We have a ton of projects already and I’m so excited to get this year moving in a better direction. The beginning of this year has been absolutely terrible, so cheers to changing pace and making it a better year!

We got our seed starters planted with hopes of doing some canning later. So far we have planted zucchini, cucumbers, okra, and green beans.

All of the starters.

I bought some biodegradable seed starter cups this year to avoid plastic trays being left to throw out. We have never used these before and I hope they do not hinder the growth of the root systems. Only time will tell.

Tomatoes are also on the list this year, but I wanted to try something a little different for growing tomato plants. The last couple of years we have struggled with what I have concluded to be either blossom end rot or sunburnt fruits from our extremely hot and humid summers. So this time I want to direct sow into five gallon buckets and cage the plants for support. This way they can have their much needed attention separately from the rest of the garden.

In short, I don’t like to rant, but we have planned a special garden bed for cucumbers and strawberries. They need much more room than they were given last year. I would love a high yield harvest of these particular plants for preserving. (Pickles and strawberry preserves.)

We have tons more in the works and I just cannot wait to share our projects and progress. It’s going to be a fun learning experience for sure!

Happy Planting!

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