Basil is an exceptionally easy herb to grow and an excellent choice for beginner gardeners. As easy as it is, it still need some special TLC to get the best out of your plant.

First thing to note is that basil loves water and watering your basil regularly will keep it flourishing. However, you do not want to overwater your plant in order to prevent root rot, which happens in consistently ”wet” soil. You only want to water when the soil begins to look dry, water lightly, and always make sure your plants are in a well-draining area. For example, if you like to keep your basil plants in a windowsill garden, make sure you have drain holes in the bottom of your pot and even a small layer of rocks under the soil for some extra drainage.

What if I forget to water my basil and it starts to droop? Not a problem! Just give it some water and proceed with your usual watering schedule and it will perk right up! I typically water my basil about once a day.

Another tip is that basil needs sunlight. I have only grown basil in partial light because our summers are scorching where I live and garden. Therefore, I’m not entirely sure of the kind of heat/direct sunlight tolerance basil has, but I know that it does great on a shaded windowsill, inside or outside. As long as you keep its environment consistent and in range of, at least, indirect sunlight, it will do just fine as an addition to your kitchen herb garden.

Early stages of my outside windowsill garden.

An important part of growing basil is proper pruning and harvesting. This is something I have struggled with for a few of my basil growing attempts. If the plants are not pruned regularly, you will end up with long, leggy, and awkwardly growing plants that will not produce as much as the bushy basil that you see everywhere. The key to that full, bushy growth is proper, regular pruning.

Pruning is extremely easy, just look for these little guys. Wherever you see these little growths on both sides of the stem, you can cut above them. This encourages continued, bushy growth without cutting away your basil plant.

First basil harvest from my plants!

In summary, basil is so easy to care for, rather tasty, and is perfect for all gardeners of every experience level!

Happy Planting!
From our garden to yours!

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