Regrowing Kitchen Scraps Pt.2

Part 2: Celery

Everyone is looking for ways to upcycle and recycle old and broken things, but how about recycling kitchen waste? Yes, you can compost it and give the nutrients back to your garden. However, let’s take a moment to be creative and explore regrowing kitchen scraps into new plants.

Celery, among other common kitchen foods, can be re-sprouted into a new plant. It’s quite a simple process and, for all of the parents out there, even the kids can get in on the fun. It takes less than a week to see the magic happen.

When cutting celery, save the end piece that you usually throw away and insert about three toothpicks into the sides, just far enough to hold it suspended in a small bowl of water. Set aside on a sunny windowsill and watch it grow!

Be sure to watch the water level so that your celery stays about halfway suspended in the water. This is essential for continuous growth.

Once your little plant has reached a substantial size, you can plant it into some soil and watch it continue to grow!

If you enjoyed this article you can also check out our article about regrowing green onions.


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