Garden 2020: Progress in Motion

We have made great progress with our garden this year. Our problems have mostly been with the seed starters. However, the seedlings that sprouted and took off have done quite well.

Our spinach sprouted not long after sowing into the planter. We had a bit of trouble with some of the seeds not germinating so we ended up planting more in hopes of more plants. The ones that did sprout really did well. We actually got to harvest some last week and we cooked it into some scrambled eggs. The satisfaction of eating straight from our garden was definitely worth the work.

Spinach is another plant that likes a more winter climate, however since we have relocated it into a shady spot it has been thriving much better than in the direct sunshine. We live in a hotter part of the United States and these sunny days can really be rough on the plants that like cooler weather.

Bell peppers are quite hardy little plants. We started these indoors in our starters and transplanted them into the garden a few weeks later. They took just fine to the transplant and have been steadily growing ever since.

Our tomato plants had a harder time adapting to the transplant. We only have about half of our plants left, but the ones that survived are hanging in there! I’m starting to believe that we transferred them too early, but maybe they would have done better directly sown into the garden. Next time we will see how they do direct sown versus being started indoors.

This year really has been a step up from last year and we learn more and more each attempt we make at our garden. Part of the fun is the learning and it definitely keeps us motivated to keep up the work. Each time we get to have a little taste of our garden, it reminds us that our hard work is totally worth it. I would not have traded the time spent in our garden for anything else.

Keep checking back for more updates. They have been few and far between recently, but I hope to have more frequent posts coming in very, very soon.

Happy Planting! From our garden to yours.

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