Better Together

These days of the COVID-19 pandemic, food shortages, lay-offs, and quarantine have truly been a trying time in everyone’s life. Even though all of our experiences are different, we all have the commonality of dealing with true set backs that are testing our resilience.

I’ve seen tons of support articles about how to stay productive during this time of isolation. However, I feel the need to give my “two cents” worth of advice that I have experienced during this distressing time in life.

1. STAY INFORMED: coping with the fear of the unknown is definitely a challenge for most people. The best way to combat the things we cannot control is to simply stay informed. Use different sources to gather information because the diversity can help illuminate what mainstream media is not saying in their reports. Never trust a single source- they maybe misinformed, biased, etc.

2. LIVE AS FULLY AS POSSIBLE: the general public still holds the tasks of grocery shopping, household repairs, work (for those in the essential industries), and all other typical life responsibilities. Live like you would on any normal day. The normalcy will help upkeep your psychological state and help prevent depression and/or demotivation. If this pandemic has landed you with more free time on your hands than you would usually have, take care of some things that you have been putting off. Keep your life in order, don’t let it fall apart, or you will fall apart too.

3. STAY POSITIVE: for those whose lives have seemingly been crumbled, stay positive. If you work from home, be thankful for the extra time you get to spend with your family. Reassure yourself that everything must come to an end, including this pandemic. Use any down time to spark new hobbies or curiosities. Keep growing, striving, motivating, and moving. A popular way to reduce stress these days is exercise…go for a walk, play with your kids and/or pets, practice yoga, even meditation is a wonderful way to reduce stress.

4. HELP OTHERS: with all of the shortages happening in the stores, it is an important time to help others when you can. If you notice someone looking for toilet paper, give them one of the “limit 2” packages you have in your cart. Have you noticed someone having trouble paying for their groceries? If you have $10-$20 to spare, help them pay. Compassion is the way we will get through this together. Everyone is struggling.

5. NEVER GIVE UP: no matter what you face during this pandemic, or even life itself, it is important to never give up. Things go downhill and so do the attitudes of the people experiencing these trials. Never ever give up. You’ve got what it takes to make it through and there are many lessons to be learned during your struggles. You will emerge a better, smarter, more optimistic person after the storm blows through your life. My favorite thing to remember, to help me get through tough times, is the lotus flower, representing the beautiful things that come from dark, murky places.

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