Garden 2020: Babies!

Our seed starters are sprouting and we have some new babies! Watching them grow is so satisfying and makes my heart happy. So far, out of all we have planted, we have baby zucchinis, green beans, and broccoli.

Zucchini. One of our climbing vegetables for our trellis.

Green beans. Another one of our climbing vegetables for our trellis.

It’s not a huge amount of sprouting seedlings so far, but we have plenty more coming. Different plants have different germination periods, so these are the vegetables that take about 1-2 weeks to sprout. Once all of our babies sprout and establish a sturdy root system, we will begin to “harden” them off in preparation for their transfer into the raised garden bed. This means slowly acclimating them to the conditions outside, i.e. the sun and wind, mostly. It’s going to be such an exciting little project and we will keep posting updates on all of our steps to creating our vegetable garden.

Until next time, Happy Planting!
From our garden to yours.

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