Tai Chi

Tai Chi is such a beautiful martial art and there are many benefits of practicing Tai Chi, but please be aware that most of these benefits are seen through repetitive practice.

Physical Benefits:
– Promotes energy flow
– Increases strength & muscle stamina
– Increases flexibility
– Increases lung capacity

Mental Benefits:
– Focuses on breathing techniques
– Helps strengthen personal patience
– Can be used as a way of meditation

Since I am being self taught without any formal classes, the following video is the one that I have been using as guidance. I love the detail Chris Pei includes in his teaching method. He touches base on everything: purpose, stretches, technique, and commonly made mistakes. It is extremely informational and I hope sharing this can help others begin their journey into the art of Tai Chi as well.

Also, in order to give credit where it is due, you can also check out other videos like this one on the YouTube channel BodyWisdom Yoga, Fitness & Wellness using this link provided.

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