Regrowing Kitchen Scraps Pt.1

Part 1: Green Onion

We never really think about the things we throw away. It is such a common behavior in our society. Recycling has become a popular way to combat this wastefulness in attempts to keep our planet clean. But, how many times have you heard of regrowing your kitchen scraps?

It’s typical to chop some green onion and then throw away the part you don’t use. Dice some onion and throw away that pesky end piece. Garlic sitting in the fridge too long? Throw it away, it’s no good anymore.

Recently I have been testing this with some green onion I bought at the store a while back. I’m pleasantly surprise to find that you can regrow green onion in a glass of water. I’m going to start more in water and when their roots are long enough, plant them and harvest them much like herbs.

With this concept, I will never have to buy green onions again. How cool would that be?

Above, you can see where I continue to trim back the green onion and how it keeps sprouting new onion shoots. The roots have grown so much that I can now replant it in some soil so it can continue to grow.

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